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Cream Varikosette against varicose veins

Cream Varikosette against varicose veins

Cream Varikosette — the latest development of scientists, designed to deal with most of the manifestations of varicose veins. Review of innovative drug below.

Varicose veins — a widespread disease. An impairment in the normal functioning of venous valves is noted in almost 90% of women and 65% of men living in developed countries. in Spain this figure is lower: 67% and 45% respectively. The main reasons for the development of disease are: heredity, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged standing, pregnancy, obesity, dysfunction of the endocrine system, Smoking.

In the early stages of the disease the person feels non-Intrusive, pain in the lower extremities. There is heaviness in the legs, cramping (especially at night), swelling. On the skin's surface can meet the so-called "vascular stars".

Varikosettedeveloped by famous company Hendel, is an innovative tool for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

  1. An important feature is that it demonstrates high efficiency at different stages of the disease, bringing the patient considerable relief.
  2. Due to carefully selected components of the remedy has an excellent tonic effect of venom, and also thins the blood, stops blood clots and helps relieve symptoms of venous insufficiency.
  3. As a result of regular application of the cream Varikosette gradually reduces tension, pain and swelling. The therapeutic action of the drug lasts for several hours after applying on the affected areas of the skin. The cream acts very gently, without risk of developing any complications.
  4. Very effective is this remedy and as a preventive measure – so it is recommended to apply to people who have a predisposition to the development of varicose veins. The cream has a positive effect on the vascular wall, giving them the necessary flexibility and strength.
  5. In addition, it helps to intensify the processes of blood circulation, normalize the metabolism in tissues and also to reduce the permeability of the whole system of veins and vessels.

Cream Varikosette to those who have early forms of developing varicose veins. The tool narrows the veins, restores blood flow and make blood vessels strong and elastic. Is pain, weakness, heaviness in the legs for 1-2 months. The treatment is full, the vessels are fully restored. Also, the cream is recommended to use for prevention, if you have a genetic predisposition.

It is important to keep in mind that cream Varikosette when independent use is not able to completely eliminate all manifestations of varicose veins, however, in complex therapy it contributes to the therapeutic effect in the fight against this pathology.

How it works cream Varikosette

How does Varikosette

Until recently, surgery was considered the main method of treatment of varicose veins. At the same time it was prescribed pills and a special compression underwear. And just a year ago in the pharmaceutical market in Spain appeared tool, high efficiency of which surprised even phlebology.

Cream Varikosette created by scientists for the past 5 years. It is based on natural extracts from organic plants grown in Asia. The production is based on technology used for the manufacture of German natural cosmetic products Hendel. This technology is designed to preserve the medicinal plants the maximum amount of medicinal properties. As a result of active components of the product have powerful regenerating and revitalizing effect.

Thanks to natural components the cream helps:

According to the doctors recommending the cream from varicose veins Varikosette their patients, the positive dynamics in the early stages is observed in 90% of cases. Running form cure he can't!

Photos before and after use Varikosette

Before and after applying the cream Varikosette, photo 1Before and after applying the cream Varikosette, photo 2Before and after applying the cream Varikosette, photo 3

Composition Varikosette

About 80% of the components — plant extracts, and only 20% are active components of chemical compounds. Among them there are no parabens, dyes, GMO foods.

Natural ingredients:


Components Varikosette absolutely safe for health. Healing properties of each ingredient proven by hundreds of tests and clinical tests.

Where to buy cream Varikosette in Spain

At pharmacies in Spain Varikosette supply in limited quantities and sold the drug at a premium. Therefore, the price of the manufacturer it is better to order the cream on the official website. On the order form, leave your number, you 20 minutes later I call back the Manager to obtain mailing information. The parcel is being sent the next day.

Price Varikosette for the shares is € 39 ! There are other discounts, stay tuned for new information on the official website.

The opinion of the doctor

Dr. Surgeon Citra Citra
13 years

Surgical intervention is the last resort when treating varicose veins, so, of course, to the stage of the disease, better not to bring. The use of the cream Varikosette will help to get rid of this unpleasant and dangerous disease without the use of "heavy artillery" — surgery to remove the veins. The cream helps to decrease clotting in the capillaries and blood circulation.

Almost immediately after its application are the pain. Efficiency Varikosette it is proved not only practice reviews patients in Spain, which this cream has helped — but also theoretically: was the clinical study, the results of which cream has received a certificate of quality. Thus, this drug is excellent and absolutely safe method of treating varicose veins without complications and side effects.