How to avoid varicose veins during standing or sedentary work

Varicose veins greatly affects the quality of life, causing the patient to constantly hide venous defects. No possibility to wear your favorite skirt or shorts, have to hide your legs under trousers or simply jeans. To prevent such a situation, you need to take responsibility for their health.

Prevention of varicose veins is carried out in two cases:

  1. in the absence of disease, but in the presence of pathogenetic factors - sedentary and standing work, heredity, pathology of blood vessels;
  2. when the primary signs of varicose veins and vascular “asterisks”, “cobweb”, a single swollen veins.

In the first case, prevention is aimed at preventing the occurrence of the primary symptoms of varicose veins, and the second therapeutic measures aimed at elimination of existing vascular defect and prevent further progression of pathology.

Quality prevention requires not only material means, but also in time and effort. If you constantly follow the instructions to combat varicose veins, about this problem you can forget.

Why in sedentary work suffer veins

Sedentary work involves a constant human presence on the chair or couch with legs bent and located at the bottom of the body. Thus most of the blood under the force of gravity accumulates in the ankles and feet. May feel fatigue in the legs, discomfort, although no loads were made.


Sedentary work most people don't posture, strongly bends his legs under him, or even throw a leg over the other. That situation leads to bursting of the superficial venous vessels, which further prevents the outflow of blood from the lower extremities. This leads to increased venous pressure in the lower parts of the body, the venous wall is subjected to heavy loads and gradually stretched. Veins have no muscular layer, so to shrink and reduce the lumen of the vessel can not.

Such loads lead to the development of venous insufficiency, which is caused by the poor performance of the valve apparatus veins. Primarily affects the superficial veins, as deep surrounded by muscle and fascia, which prevents their further expansion.

A similar pattern is observed for standing work. Here there is excessive accumulation of blood in the superficial veins. Venous valves that prevent backflow of venous blood, gradually lose their elasticity, blood vessels are stretched, bent. To avoid this, you must constantly be prevented. It can be physical exercises, folk methods, the use of compression underwear. It is advisable to consult a phlebologist to prevent the development of severe consequences of poor treatment.

To resort to the prevention of varicose veins in sedentary work is recommended before was discovered a primary manifestation of this disease. But even in the initial stages of the disease performing simple tips will help to avoid further progression of disease. Therefore, to prevent we recommend the following:

  • periodic walk - through every two hours monotonous sedentary work to do a ten-minute walk. You can go around your seat or go get a drink of water. This simple exercise allows you to restore the normal blood flow from the lower extremities, reduces the load on the veins;
  • to lie down with raised legs - this exercise is possible in the workplace or at home. After an extended period of sitting need to lie down on your back and put your feet up on some hill at an angle of 20-25 degrees. This situation contributes to the normal outflow of venous blood and moderate devastation crowded veins;
  • exercises for feet and shins - will fit in the case, if you can not get up from your seat. Then it is recommended to stretch the foot, which also stretch and strain of muscles of legs. You can roll a ball under the table to train to raise his legs, to buy a special wheelchair massager that will improve blood circulation in the lower extremities.

In the presence of predisposing to the development of varicose veins factors is recommended to change your style. Need to buy loose-fitting clothing that will not be cramping in the groin, and greatly compress the legs, change of shoes and shoes high-heeled Shoe on special occasions.

Prevention of varicose veins during standing work

If the job requires constant being on your feet, you need to try to completely change your lifestyle. First and foremost, it is advisable to give up Smoking and alcohol. Cigarettes contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, the appearance of plaque, which significantly slows down the blood circulation. Therefore, smokers often have problems with blood vessels. Alcohol also contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, but its direct destructive effect on protein structures leads to a thinning of the vascular wall, which further goes into the varicose veins or other pathology.


The next step in the prevention of varicose veins during standing work is the diet and normalization of their weight. You need to eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals (vegetables, fruits, cereals). To restore the vascular wall, you need to take sufficient amount of protein, reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates. All of this will help to understand the dietitian. He will select the most suitable diet with all the vital functions of the patient.

It is also recommended to wear loose, comfortable-fitting, ventilated shoes. Quality shoes evenly distributes the load on the foot and calf muscles, due to which you are pushing venous blood into the upper parts of the body. No need to buy uncomfortable clothes, especially pants or shorts. Pants must be free in the groin and hips, which will allow to maintain the normal venous and lymphatic flow.

A mandatory step is the application of special medications and venotonics. This group of drugs to maintain a normal state of the venous vessels, with daily heavy loads. They also prevent destruction of the valve apparatus veins and contribute to the gradual regeneration of the inner layer of the vessel.

To learn more about how to avoid varicose veins during standing work, it is recommended to visit phlebologist. A good specialist will advise on any issue and to designate more research is needed. This will allow to know the degree of development of varices and to determine the most appropriate method of prevention or treatment.

How to choose compression

One of the main methods of prevention of varicose veins is to use compression clothes. The correct amount and type of clothing will allow a long time to maintain a normal state of the venous vessels.

There are different types of compression underwear.

  1. Socks are required when the onset of varicose veins in feet or ankles.
  2. Socks up to the knees, effectively help in the initial stages of varicose veins superficial veins of the lower legs and ankles.
  3. Stockings - are struggling with dilated capillaries of the lower extremities to the level of the upper thigh. Properly fitted compression stockings allow for long term forget about the fatigue and discomfort in the legs.
  4. Tights come in different levels, are used for varicose veins deep veins also help to get rid of the venous stars.

To wear compression garments need to clean, dry foot. You need to start with a sock, go to heel, and then gradually climb up. To avoid the appearance of folds, if necessary, re-wear the garment.

To choose the correct size will help the specialist, after all the research it will determine the necessary degree of compression. Excessive compression of the extremities can adversely affect the blood circulation and lymph flow, and insufficient - will not bring any therapeutic results.